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Contemporary Hawaii Woodworkers, a recently published book. 12 of the 18 artists in this show is featured in this book.

Inspired Hands, the last woodworking show hosted by the Shaefer Gallery in 2002.
The show was produced by Maui Woodworker's Guild and Maui Quilters.

Hawaii's Woodshow, annual show in Honolulu, hosted by Hawai'i Forest Industry Association.

Roots of Inspiration

The idea for the Roots of Inspiration: Contemporary Functional Furniture exhibit came from the well known Maui furniture maker, Peter Naramore. His source of inspiration was an exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, titled New American Furniture: The Second Generation of Studio Furnituremakers. Their concept in 1989, was to invite a group of renowned furniture makers to use antique furniture as a point of inspiration to create unique new “studio furniture.”

Opening night group photo Group photo at opening night, from left to right: Marcus Castaing, Robert Lippoth, Dave Reisland, Mats Fogelvik, Alan Wilkinson (with rabbit ears), Jonah Lake, Mike Riley, John Wittenburg, Neida Bangerter (Gallery Director), Peter Naramore, Curtis Paddock (hidden), McD Philpotts, Bob Butts, Steve Hynson, Tom Calhoun (partial), Shaun Fleming, Ricardo Vasquez, Jay Warner.                                Photo by Mitchell Silver

Our 2009 adaptation brings together 18 of the finest woodworkers from around the state, exhibiting newly created furniture inspired by artifacts, antiquities or architecture of Hawaiian origin. Many of the artists specialize in inlay, carving, turning and veneer work. They make their living primarily from building furniture and are consistently involved in the re-interpretation of familiar, useful furniture forms.
Sign Mats Fogelvik Shaun Fleming Steve Hynson Robert Lippoth Peter Naramore Tom Calhoun Curtis Paddock Ricardo Vasquez John Wittenburg Marcus Castaing Tai Lake Dave Reisland Mike Riley Jay Warner Joel Bright Bob Butts McD Philpotts Alan Wilkinson

This distinguished group of furniture makers from Hawaii offer an unparalleled collection of contemporary studio furniture.

Image by Bob Bangerter

Image by Bob Bangerter

Image by Bob Bangerter

This exhibit was presented by the Maui Arts & Cultural Center and supported in part by the County of Maui.