Joel Bright, Oahu

Arrival to a Spirit of Place
Hawaiian curly koa, pheasant wood, coconut palm and coconut shell

During a visit to the Big Island of Hawaii, I ventured to the Petroglyphs at Puoka' and Ka'upulehu. Little did I realize that the ancient rock art which emminates a permanance of place, would one day be the source of inspiration infused into a piece of furniture I created.

Keeping in mind the petroglyphs which have withstood time and help preserve a deep rooted culture, I chose koa and coconut shell inlaid into the pheasant wood top to depict the ancient arrival to a spiritual land. The feel and texture of a pa'hoehoe lava flow is symbolized through the coconut shell edging, while the palm legs signify the coastal arrival, strength and longevity.

It is my hope that the spirit and history which inspired this piece translates and is treasured for years to come.













Arrival to a Spirit of Place