Tom Calhoun, Maui

Akule Tales
avocado, birch ply, tamo ash & pommeled sapele veneer acrylic, silver leaf

I was thinking about all the knowledge and labor that goes into fishing with large nets, not just making cordage and tying nets but also canoe making and understanding the habits of the various fish you might want to catch. I was inspired to tell the tale of Akule fishing.

The base of a bee and termite riddled hollow avocado trunk was designed to evoke the ocean as well as a net. The net was left open as in the case of not closing the net in time to catch the ball of Akule. The top rises like the fish getting away to reveal a liquor cabinet. We might as well have a drink as it will be awhile before the Akule ball up again.

Image by Wayne Levin

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Akule Tales