Marcus Castaing, Hawaii

From the Ashes of Kalapana
milo,curly koa, sandalwood, 
eucalyptus robusta, cocobolo

The beautiful and rich diversity of this island Hawaii is the source of my deepest inspiration. It nourishes the roots of the trees that supply the timbers I use for my furniture. The inherent beauty and power of these raw materials are always the dominant force in my design process and the roots of my inspiration.

This piece made from a giant old Milo tree that was burned by lava flows that stopped inches from its trunk, which was salvaged before the flows continued to inundate the lush community of Kalapana weeks later. Like this island my work is a process of emergent evolution.Milo is a great wood for this highly sculpted piece which defines the matched koa panels.The interior drawers of eucalyptus emulate the fountaining lava.The interior Milo panel seems to still hold the flames that scorched its trunk. Curved side doors are like the lava tubes where the Hawaiians placed their sacred objects while the sandalwood panels add the sweet scent of the tropics.

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From the Ashes of Kalapana