Robert Lippoth, Maui

He'enalu (wave sliding)
curly koa, birds eye maple, wenge, kolohala

The source of inspiration in creating this piece was found in surfing. I believe that anyone who surfs and creates art will be deeply influenced by the forms and shapes found surfing.

Surfing has deep roots in Polynesia going back to an estimate of 1000 AD. The ruling class of Hawaii in the 1400's practiced the sport "he'enalu", translated as "wave sliding". For the Hawaiians it was a religious and social practice deeply rooted in their culture.

Two types of surfboard were common in ancient Hawaii. The alaia was the commoners board, thin wide and short. The Olo was a thicker, longer narrower board used by the chiefs. The shape of my board is influenced by what you will find in use today with the same koa wood that the ancient Hawaiians used.

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He'enalu (wave sliding)