Peter Naramore, Maui

Tiki Rocker
Princess Ka'iulani Rocker
Hawaiian koa

Rocking chairs, though not uniquely Hawaiian, are often associated with our relaxed culture. There are many examples from early19th century to the present bearing such titles as "classic, traditional and heirloom". Most Hawaiian rockers borrowed their styling from sources far from Hawaii yet we have adopted and cherish them.

The style of these rocking chairs is also hanai (adopted) with roots in Windsor and old Black Forest designs. The carved backs were inspired by sources closer to home.

The Tiki design was inspired by the Kona style temple images made by early Hawaiians for their Heiau. My highly stylized rendition was also influenced by the many commercial "Tiki" found in our modern culture.

The carving on the high back rocker was inspired by a Hawaiian quilt design known as Ke Kahi 0 Ka'iulani (The Crown of Ka'iulani). It was created by an unknown artist in the early 20th century and is in the Honolulu Academy of Art collection.

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Tiki Rocker & Princess Ka’iulani Rocker